Corumbene specialises in providing year round agistment for outside mares and spelling horses.

The property is divided into both large and small paddocks, all of which are pasture improved. Each has its own permanent water supply; shade trees abound. The number of horses allocated to each paddock is strictly limited. Irrigation is used extensively to keep the pastures sweet and fresh.

Fencing has been constructed specifically for horses; it’s safe and meticulously maintained. There is no barbed wire. Individual yards are available for short-term sellers. The main stable provides housing for any horses that need to be boxed. Under the direction of an experienced stud manager, the staff at Corumbene devote themselves to all aspects of mare and foal care and to the special requirements of yearlings and racehorses which are spelling. All the horses are inspected and hand-fed twice a day.

We invite you to consider making Corumbene home for your mare. She will be cared for professionally in a relaxed and extremely healthy environment. Your peace of mind is assured.

At Corumbene, we grow nearly all our own feed. The oats, barley and lucerne hay that is fed to the horses are all grown on the property.
Our daily rates are extremely competitive.

Broodmare care during the season.

As the breeding season approaches, all maiden and dry mares are put under lights in order to stimulate the reproductive system and get the mares cycling. This is just one of the procedures employed at Corumbene to maximise conception rates. We have our own purpose built horse transport truck which is utilised for walk on services.

When foaling is imminent, foaling alarms are fitted and each in-foal mare is placed under 24 hour supervision.

Sale preparation of yearlings, weanlings and broodmares.

Corumbene has all the necessary facilities, and the experienced staff, to educate and prepare yearlings, weanlings and broodmares for sale.

Corumbene Stud…there’s no place like home!

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