Looking up at Elroi Downs

Picking is yet to start at “Elroi Downs”. Curlewis, but manager of the Alto Rural property Rob Bell is confident the crop will perform as expected.

“The crop is looking good,” he said.

““Alto own another place, ‘Kandoo’, (Gunnedah), and they’re seeing good yields and good quality there – from 2.5 to four bales an acre (six to 10 bales a hectare).”

“Of the 800ha of cotton planted at “Elroi Downs”, only a small area has had a second defoliating spray applied and, providing the crop escapes an early frost, picking will start next week.

““The majority of the place has only had one pass,” Mr Bell said.

““We did a second pass on a small area last Friday and will do the rest later this week.”

““With a bit of luck it’s possible we will start picking early next week – it’s all coming in, but it takes time.”

“With only a small amount of the crop forward sold, Mr Bell was concerned the current market would not deliver.

““It’s a bit of a worry,” he said.

““There’s still a lot to be sold and the market’s not going the right way at this stage. Prices at the moment are knocking us about, hovering around the $415/bale mark. We were hoping for $470 to $480/bale.”

“Despite current price concerns, Mr Bell was already looking to next season which, by all accounts should be spectacular.

““What we don’t put into wheat we will leave for next season’s cotton,” he said.

““Out soil profiles are full and everything is looking good.”

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